Best running bra- the Nike Pro Fierce



I’ve spent so many years and many £££ trying to find a half decent sports bra to meet my (slightly fussy) standards. After all no one wants to have a hard run made any more difficult by straps rubbing you raw or a waistband that is so tight that you can’t breath. So, meet the Nike Pro Fierce, a medium support bra which comes in a range of eye popping colours and doesn’t have my #1 niggle- removeable pads. Not entirely sure why some manufacturers insists on putting them in- the last thing I want to do is to spend 10 minutes faffing about unfolding them through those teeny holes after every wash. Anyway, rant over. Instead the Pro Fierce has a thicker, sweat wicking fabric on the front which smooths everything out so you don’t feel too exposed. It also has a mesh back which allows for good ventilation and flat seams so that means no chaffing. I also really like the way the waistband isn’t too thick or thin, just enough to give you support without restricting movement.

One thing to mention is that I find these run slightly small so if you’re in between sizes you might want to go up.

More photos!




Toodles! Xx


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