On women’s Cloud shoes review

So, I have finally made it to the world of the On’s. I’ve always been slightly curious (envious) when I’ve been out and about and spotted someone in these rather unorthodox shoes. They look quite jazzy and I wasn’t sure whether it would just be a bit of a gimmick or would start messing with my technique. But I’ve got to say I love, love, love these shoes!


The first thing you notice about the Clouds is they’re incredibly light, mine came in on the scales at 175g for a UK 4.5, roughly the same as my Newton gravity racing shoes. The little cloud pods on the bottom squish down as you run giving you a super cushioned effect but crucially without adding extra bulk or weight. I also found that because the cloud pods are seperate it makes the shoe very flexible which is great for neutral runners and suplianators.

The metallic fabric upper feels seamless so there’s no danger of chaffing when your feet swell on longer runs. The Clouds also come with 2 sets of laces- elastic for the upper section which are perfect if you have high arches or need a little extra space around your toes and one set of extra long skinny laces.

On women’s cloud shoes

Overall I found this to be a great minimalist style but with a similar amount of cushioning as a more supportive shoe which  has really helped with any sore knee issues! I think these will be a must have for my next marathon!


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